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Adegoke Taiwo Oluwagbemiga is a classical guitarist, a composer, arranger of African folk songs and a teacher of the classical guitar. He was born in Oshogbo, Osun state, Southwest Nigeria. He is of the Yoruba tribe.

He grew up loving African music and found so much interest in playing different African styles on the guitar, such as Soukou, High Life and Afrojuju. He began to have interest in playing classical music on the guitar in the year 2011.

He finds classical guitar music so interesting and touching, which made him fall in love with it. It brings him so much joy and fulfillment. 


He started out as a self taught guitarist and kept on improving.


He is the founder of the Chocolate Africa Classical Guitar Platoon, "a group of classical guitarists with the vision of creating interest for the classical guitar and its music in Africa." It is also their mission to "teach the classical guitar, especially to children. Part of this endeavour includes arranging traditional African folk music and making them available on sheet music score for the guitar in order to preserve our culture in music for generations to come, as well as to share it as a source of inspiration to the rest of the world. The Chocolate African Classical Guitar Platoon, together with professional classical guitarists from Germany and with the support of the Goethe institute Nigeria, held a free workshop and master classes on the classical guitar for the public – a first in Nigeria."


As a composer, Taiwo has written several solo compositions for the classical guitar and also different arrangements of Nigerian traditional folk music for guitar solo, duo, trio and quartet. In addition to works for the guitar, he has also written several works for guitar and other instruments, and these have been performed concerts in Nigeria and in countries such as the United States of America, Germany, Slovenia, Japan and others. 


Below are some of his musical works and links to videos of their performances:



1: Taiwo Adegoke's Composition for Guitar and Oboe titled : TÁYÉWÒ(EXPERIENCE LIFE) performance by Ric and Lisa Larsen in the USA

Sheet score also available for Guitar and Flute, also for Guitar and Violin


2: Omije Ipinya (Tears for the deported) a Composition of Taiwo Adegoke for the Solo Guitar performed by David Timothy Oreoluwa (Nigeria)


3: Taiwo Adegoke's Composition for Flute, Violin and Guitar trio titled : ÌRÒLÉ(EVENING). Performed by Taiwo Adegoke(Nigeria) Daria Zernova (Germany) and Ana Zivkovic (Brazil)


4: Taja(Crown) A Composition of Taiwo Adegoke. Peeformed by Eva Slokar(Slovenian)


5: Igbadun Iyan (Pounded Yam's Fantasy) Music for African Food. A Composition of Taiwo Adegoke and performed by Taiwo Adegoke


6: Three suites of Rainbow in Africa. A Composition of Taiwo Adegoke for Guitar and Flutes 


-Here is Suite 3 of Rainbow in Africa, Taiwo Adegoke composition for Guitar and Flutes. Performed by Joseph Ehrenpreis and Shahid Yasser Osuna, USA


- Suite 2 of Rainbow in Africa, a Composition of Taiwo Adegoke for Guitar and Flutes. Performed by Taiwo Adegoke(Nigeria) and Brenda Moats(Canada)


There are more of my music for Solo Guitar, Guitar and Flutes and Guitar and other instruments, available for your performance.




Here are some Taiwo Adegoke's arrangements of Africa folk songs from different tribes of Nigeria.


1: Onye Mere Nwa N' Ebe Akwa (Who made my baby cry?)

Folk song from IGBO Tribe of Nigeria, West Africa 

Arranged for the Classical Guitar Duet by Taiwo Adegoke

Performed by Alma Dueto (Spain)


2: Akwukwo na To uto (Learning is sweet) 

Folk song from IGBO Tribe of Nigeria, West Africa. 

Arranged for the Classical Guitar by Taiwo Adegoke performed by Fuentes Sergio(Mexico)



3 :  Dance of the Ijaw Fishermen ( A Traditional African folk Music from the Ijaw Tribe of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria) Arrange for the Classical Guitar by Taiwo Adegoke (Nigeria) performed by David Jacques



4: Labe Igi Oronbo (Under the lime tree)

Folk song from the Yoruba Tribe of Nigeria, performance by : Joseph Ehrenpreis (USA) and Taiwo Adegoke (Nigeria)


All sheet scores for these music and many more including Ethnomusic from different tribes of Nigeria, West Africa are available via the email address below: 


Taiwo Adegoke's contact details 

Email address: 

Phone contact number : +2347080330522

Facebook page:

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