Call for Scores!

African Composers are invited to submit a Work for String Orchestra. The selected submission will be performed at a concert in New York City alongside works by other Composers from around the World.

Instrumentation is a string orchestra of ca. 86432 (so divisi’s are possible, but probably shouldn’t be too extensive). There could also be one percussionist/timpanist as part of the orchestra.

The maximum length of the submitted work is 15 minutes. The work can therefore be shorter.

The submission can be an existing work already written for string orchestra or a new work written for this concert.

According to the invitation "The work could be in any idiom. For example, it might be a string orchestra arrangement of some African indigenous music, or it might be a rendition of some popular music of today, or a straight up classical piece - and anything in between."

Only one work out of all the submissions will be accepted.

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