Composer. Lyricist. 

Charles Ikechukwu Onwubuya (aka Onyebeat) hails from Aguleri, Anambra State,  Nigeria.

He joined the Holy Child Childrens Choir of Holy Family Catholic Church, Festac Town, Lagos state, Nigeria in 2003. All other choral groups he is affiliated to are listed as follows. He has served and is serving in different capacities in these groups; member, part leader, choirmaster and Assistant Music Director:


  • Angelic Chorale (2006)

  • Philharmonics Nigeria (2010)

  • Viscount Organs UK-Choral Division (2011)

  • St. Albert Choir University of Benin (UNIBEN) (2012)

Composition Profile
His compositions are inspired by various music genres like Jazz, Soul, High- life, indigenous African music and so on.
Composers who have inspired his work are Pharm. Vincent Ihaza, Dr. Ezomo John, HRH Eze Prof. Laz Ekwueme, Dr. Sam Ojukwu amongst others.

Charles Ikechukwu Onwubuya's compositions:
Commons of Mass

  • Oluwa Mee Ebere - Kyrie in Yoruba/Igbo (his first composition ever, 2014)

  • Ebealen Tohanmhan - Kyrie in Esan (2014)

  • Nohuaren - Sanctus in Bini (written in 2016, First Sung publicly at the Festival for the Inculturation of Liturgical Music, FILM 2017)

  • Holy - Sanctus in English (2014)

  • Ovbiohuan Osa - Agnus Dei in Bini (2016)

  • Mimo - Sanctus in Yoruba (Written in 2016, First Sung Publicly at FILM 2017)

  • Odo Aguntan Olorun - Agnus Dei in Yoruba (Written in 2016, First Sung Publicly at FILM 2017)

  • Lamb of God - Agnus Dei in English (2015)



Anthems/Hymns/Traditional Motets

  • Ekene (2015)

  • Ike Chukwu (2015)

  • Abu Umu Zayon (2016)

  • Immanuel (2016)

  • Muo Nso Gbadata (2016)

  • Egbe Bia Raen Nosi Jesu (2016)

  • Ony'Ozuzu Atur'Oma (FILM 2017)

  • Ikwo Mmo Emi Edokde (2017)

  • Domon Maria (2016)


  • Uy'Ogh'Osa (with Aikodon Emmanuel/Dr. Ezomo John, FILM 2015)

  • Larre na do g'Osanobua (with Dr. Ezomo John, 2015)

  • Jesus Gbedu (with Kingsley Ikenria, 2016)

  • Hail Baba God (with Ezomo John and Jepherson Unuorakpor, 2016)

  • Wa Gia 'ghogho (with Dr. Ezomo John, 2016)

  • Ku Tashi Sai Kuzo (with Okpebho Omogiade, 2016; First sung publicly at FILM 2017)

  • A collection of Prayer of the Faithful (with Dr. Jephthah Nwose Jr., 2015)

  • Chekwube (with Dr. Ezomo John, 2016; First sung publicly at FILM 2017)


  • The Happy Medley (2015)

  • Nara Aja Anyi (2015)

  • Chi Obioma (2016)

  • Mfumu Wetu UtufwileLuse - Kyrie in Tsailuba-Lingala; Zaire (2015)

  • Nkembo Gloria in Tsailuba - Lingala; Zaire (2015)

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