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Composer. Lyricist. 
Edewede Oriwoh, African Female Composer


Edewede Oriwoh is an African Female Composer from Nigeria who holds a PhD in Cyber-Physical Security. She is a composer of contemporary classical works, Liturgical music, hymns, solo/duet etc. pieces, anthems and instrumentals. 

She organised Composers in Conference which was held on September 6th 2017 in Abuja Nigeria and is active in promoting African Composers (almost all of whom are largely unknown and hugely uncelebrated) online and offline. She also took part in a panel discussion during the "L'Altra Meta Della Musica" ("The Other Half of Music") Conference of Women Composers which was held on 11th December 2018 in Italy.

In May 20 2018, Edewede was a guest on the 'BBC Introducing' programme to share her thoughts on African Composers . Her Composition "Baba, Ese" received its first radio play during the Interview.

Her composition for two flutes "Twin Flutes 1" was premiered during the pre-Conference gathering on the 10th of December and one of her short compositions - "Play" - was performed by the Ensemble Chaminade at the Conference Concert on the 11th of December.

"Play" is also one of the works included in the CD "The Other Half of Music: 21st-century Female Composers" 

Edewede frequently interviews African composers as part of the 'African Composers' Project. Some of those interviews are available to watch on this page.

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