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Grace Bernard Oforka (formerly Grace Bernard), also known as Graciedion, is an African art  Composer/musician, Classical soloist, Vocal Coach and Music Therapist.

Graciedion started singing at the age of five in the children choir. She studied music education at the Federal College of Education, Abeokuta and won several awards such as Miss Music Students Association of Nigeria (MUSAN) 2013-2015, a title she held for two years. 

Upon Graduation, she returned to her childhood country at Republic of Benin, Cotonou. Her foster parents saw that the country was still young for music and they persuaded her to return to her homeland in Nigeria. 

Back in Nigeria, Graciedion got to work with world renowned music educator, Mr Akapo Emmanuel at Tenstrings Music Institute. He helped develop her prowess and build her abilities in music teaching and therapy. 

In 2016, Graciedion composed her first official song, "Kuzo mu ya be shi" (Come let's praise the Lord) a song written in the Hausa language. She wrote it for the soprano voice, alto and soprano recorder, violin, percussion and classical guitar. The song was first played and sung by Grace at Lift Up Every Voice (Luev) 2016 themed, "Christmas arts in Festac". The first players include Mr Noah Johnson (guitar), Mr Josh Tylar (drums), Mr Michael Akintewe (Recorders), Mr Caleb Babalola (violin), Miss Kinu Jacob (shekere).


She classifies her compositions as "African art". Having a classical background, her compositions are written to suit the African nature of music and retain the classical styles of music.

Her next composition was released early in 2017 when Graciedion composed another breathtaking African Art titled "Avoon d'bisch maiya" meaning "Our Father in Heaven" in Aramaic language. Graciedion has been seen testifying that most of her songs were written in languages she couldn't speak but could sing and understand while singing. The Aramaic composition tells of the Lord's Prayer as taught by Jesus himself in his own language. This composition is written for the soprano recorder, violin, guitar, percussion and the soprano voice.

On October 22, 2017 Graciedion released another great composition that shook the people of Lagos state at Luev2017. This composition is written in the Spanish language but has elements of the Hausa traditional music and the Spanish scale. The song was arranged by Graciedion's colleagues who worked hand in hand with her in producing the hit composition titled "Gloria al padre" meaning Glory be to the Father. The co arrangers and first players of the piece include  Graciedion herself (Voice and Recorder), Mr Greg Dan Auta( spanish guitar), Mr Olasunkanmi Michael a.k.a saxbishop (saxophone), Mr Ajayi Mayokun (Flute), Mr Oluwafemi Adenuga (Trumpet), Mr Caleb Babalola (Violin), Mr Kokumo David (Violin), Mr Segun (Drums), Mr Egbowon Richard (Piano). The performance was received with a standing ovation at its first performance and left the audience hungry for more of these heavenly compositions in foreign languages and African music. 

In 2018 , Graciedion took her compositions to a higher level. She composed Chegharia and Nkowa for the Bassoon instrument . A commissiobed work for music for Africa which was performed by Midori Samson at Chicago Symphony Orchestra Usa,2018 and Music Department,University of Wisconsin by the same performer. 
Graciedion wrote her first opera in 2018 alongside, Ogbonna Victor in The story of Job, Opera. In 2019 she wrote another opera called St. Cecilia opera. The first time an opera was written for the well known musical saint. 

Most of her compositions are launched at the annual Lift Up Every Voice (LUEV) Concerts (see Youtube video link below).

Grace plays the piano, guitar, recorder and saxophone.


When asked her views, she says, 'My life revolves around music .'


She is the founder of Graciedion Chorale Society who are the organisers of the annual LUEV concerts.

Phone: +2348098928749




Nigerian Composer, Grace Bernard
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