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Composer. Lyricist. 

Mark Msadala was born on the 3rd of December in 1996. Since then, he was most probably exposed even at childhood to church music in the New Apostolic Church that is closely similar to classical music. From a young age, Mark learned to play the organ bit by bit, but never mastered it due to inconsistency. However, when he was finally in the eighth grade, he finally actively sought out to join the church orchestra where he first played the recorder and then graduated to mostly self-taught violin.

While in grade 8 at the time of joining the church orchestra, Mark was introduced to the music of Handel which enamored him and that is how he fell in love with classical music. Soon, Mark got inspired to be like Handel when he was much more conversant with the stories behind Handel’s Oratorio called ‘Messiah’, and that is how the quest to be a composer began.

Soon after, Mark was constantly trying to learn something new about classical music, until he was confident enough to compose his first fully written piece which was a piece for string trio. Thereafter, a short number of compositions where made which included a piece for string quartet in 2010 or so, a piece for tenor solo and orchestra in 2011, first attempt at a violin sonata in 2012, and a few of some church pieces.

As time passed, Mark then had a minor argument with his mother about what career choice he would have to go for. From childhood, Mark publicly thought of himself as a future Electrical Engineer, the same career path as his father, but at the time of the argument with his mum, he now had thoughts of pursuing music. Soon, his mother convinced him to first take Electrical engineering and then sponsor himself into music once he could, and that is how he found himself in China. Over there, Musical maturity emerged since he spent a lot of time immersing himself into musical knowledge before actively beginning his Engineering studies.

Mark's music can be found on youtube on his channel. 

Mark Msadala, African Composer
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