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Micheal Bakare

Micheal Bakare studied music at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Ijanikin, where he obtained his N.C.E in Music Education, Bachelor of Arts (B.A Hons) in Music at Lagos State University, Ojo, Master of Arts(M.A) in Music Education at University of Lagos, Akoka, Bachelor of Theology ( at Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary, Lagos, and he is currently a PhD candidate at Lagos State University. A gifted church musician, multifaceted instrumentalist, composer, arranger, songwriter, music producer, creative entrepreneur and a music minister at Christ Apostolic Church. 

He is the Founder/ Executive Director of RAMBMUSICAFRICA and the award winning chorale group "HAVILLAND CHORALE" created to instil the technical know-how of chorale music to the younger generation.


Micheal's publications include


  • Hymagination (a book and audio CD)

  • Your Voice of Singing

  • A True Choir'

  • the Making of a Music Minister

  • Infinitus Gratia his latest publication

and several Academic writings to his credit.


His primary areas of research include: 


  • Creative Musicology

  • Music for Early Childhood

  • Religious Music

  • Choral Music

  • Music business


About Micheal's compositions, in his own words:

"The Nigerian Musical elements are quite glaring in my music (Choral, Solos, Orchestrations etc) because I always want my music to be conceptualized in that way, as music written by a Modern Nigerian Composer. 

I deliberately make painstaking efforts to infuse African Musical Element into my composition . Some of the elements are the rhythmic pattern, tonal organization, parallel harmony, formal structures, instrumental resource, indigenous language and re-arranging existing airs. Thereby combining European pitch collections, with indigenous tonal schemes such as diatonic, pentatonic, hexatonic, octatonic scales, atonality, as well as the 12-tone row method.

Structurally, the form of my music ranges from simple binary, ternary, rondo, theme and variations, sonata form, aria, strophic, through composed, canonic imitation, contrapuntal forms to other freestyles."

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