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Nigerian Composer, Obhiowu Roland Ehinon-Saturday, African Composer

Obhiowu Roland Ehinon is a graduate of Biochemistry Education from College of Education Igueben, Edo State, Nigeria. He is also a certified and commissioned Catechist from The Brother Roman Center Ekpoma, Nigeria but exited the vocation in 2013.

He joined the choir in 2003 at Ascension Catholic church, Ekekhen in his hometown and sings bass. Afterwards, he joined the Uromi Diocesan Choir in 2008 where he realised that he had been learning music in a hard and archaic way all along. He soon learned that, like other languages, music itself has a language with its own alphabet which, when organized together, can form music which can be read by others irrespective of race. That was how the desire to explore music started and he focused his efforts on composition, choral teaching, choral production and conducting.

Roland started writing music in  2008.


He writes songs in Esan (his tribal language), Bini and in English. Over the years, he has narrowed himself in the composition of native pieces more than English. With his love for native songs he went to produce an album titled "Indigenous Church Music".

Below are some compositions to his credit.
1. Sweet Jesus, Lord Jesus.
2. Accept them O lord
3. Huean Osenobla (Esan language)
4. Jesu nojie mha (Esan language)
5. Moitohan ghe mha Abba. (Esan language)
6. Mi ehuemhe mha (Esan language)
7. Rhi gracia ose mha (Esan language)
8. Sakramenti nohiale (Es
an language)
9. Evbare no kerivbin re (Bini language)

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