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Composer. Lyricist. 

Obioha Victor Ogbonna a.k.a Leonatus is a graduate of Petroleum and Gas Engineering from the University of Lagos. 

He joined the choir in 2005 during his first year in his secondary school, Christ the King Catholic College, Odolewu, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. He was a soprano singer during that period and started learning how to play the piano the next year (2006). In 2008, he transferred to Kings College, Lagos for his senior secondary school education, where he focused majorly on playing the keyboard. 

Throughout his stay, he was awarded the best in music (3 consecutive times) and in 2011 on his graduation day, he was given the Award of the Most Dynamic Organist. This was an award given to the best keyboardist in school. 

In 2011, he got admission into the University of Lagos and joined St. Cecilia’s Choir, St. Thomas More Catholic Chaplaincy in 2012 we he started singing Tenor. He held various positions during his stay which are;
Curator 2 : 2013 – 2014
Curator 1 : 2014 – 2015
Organist 1 : 2015 – 2016

He still remains affiliated with the choir even though he resides in Ikeja and is currently a member of St. Charles Lwanga’s Choir, St. Leo’s Catholic Church Ikeja, Lagos and St Augustine’s Choir, St. Leo’s Catholic Church Ikeja, Lagos.

He is also one of the Principal Members of the Harmonic Syndrome Group which is based in Lagos State.

His musical skills include: Voice Training, Playing instruments (Keyboard, Guitar, Shekere, Woodblock, e.t.c), Teaching Music and Composition.


Obioha started writing music in June 2006 but nothing serious until May 2015 where he attempted writing for the Yaba Deanary Competition. It took him 6 months to edit his first composition and released it in April, 2016 named Holy Holy Holy (Order of Mass I or O.O.M I). Soon After, he released Sanctus (O.O.M II) which are both music for the Sanctus Part of Mass in the Catholic Church. 

This a list of his known works;

1. O.O.M (Order of Mass): This is a compilation album which includes songs composed for the Part of Mass in the Catholic church. They include;
a. Holy Holy Holy (O.O.M I)
b. Sanctus (O.O.M II)
c. Lord Have Mercy (O.O.M III)
d. Agnus Dei (O.O.M IV)
e. Nwaturu Nke Chukwu (O.O.M V) (Ibo language)
f.  Kyrie (O.O.M VI)
g. Mai Tsarki (O.O.M VII) (Hausa language)
h. Mimo 3x (O.O.M VIII) (Yoruba language)
i.  Odo Aguntan (O.O.M IX) (Yoruba language)
j.  Nohuaren (O.O.M X)

2. N.H.S (New Harmony System): This is a compilation album which contains arrangements or harmonization of various songs. It Includes:
a. Our Father Who Art in Heaven (N.H.S I)
b. What a Blessed Hope is Mine (N.H.S II)
c. Blessed Lamb (N.H.S V)

3. Ethnic Vibes: This is a compilation album which contains hymns and motets in Nigerian languages (Including Creole): It Includes;
a. Keresimesi Ti De (Christmas is here) : It is a Christmas song in Yoruba Language.
b. Haleluya (Him don Bless Me) : It’ a song of thanksgiving in Pidgin English.
c. Ihuan Uromwen (Song of Praise) : This is also a song of praises and thanksgiving in Bini Language.
d. Ruhu Mai Eucahristi (Eucharistic Spirit) : This is a Eucharistic Anthem in Hausa Language.

Obioha also arranges Psalm tunes on request and arranges music for Percussion Bands.


Websites where some of Ogbonna's compositions can be found:

Obioha Ogbonna, African Composer
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