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Olufela Kuboye started singing at the age of 10. He always went to performances that took place at Jazz 38 in Ikoyi, Lagos where the in-house band known as the Extended Family Jazz Band performed. The band was led by Tunde and Fran Kuboye. 

In 1996, while awaiting admission to study Law, he started understudying Fran Kuboye – then Nigeria’s foremost voice in Jazz music. He also served as back-up vocalist in the Extended Family Band at the performing jazz standards, bossa nova, smooth jazz and original arrangements at the venue; Jazz 38, as well as during concerts, at Jazz cafes, embassies etc. With development and experience he rose to be one of the lead singers of the band.

Alongside Jazz music he has also honed his skills as a Tenor in the Choral music genre.


While studying Law at the University of Ibadan (U.I.) his interest in music led him to join the Students’ Choral Ensemble. While there, under the guidance of Chikezie Chike-Michael and Gbenga Oyesanya he developed his voice even further. He became Tenor soloist in the Students’ Choral Ensemble as well as in St. Cecilia’s Choir, U.I. and was a member of several acapella groups and co-founder of the Law Students Chorale alongside Everyman Eleanya.

He has taken part in the International Jazz Singers Contest in Brussels and has performed at several venues in Lagos, Abuja, Rotterdam and Paris.

He collaborates often with the renowned composer Busolaseun Owoaje and has recorded some self-composed jazz/folk tunes.


Olufela Kuboye works in the airline industry.

Nigerian Composer, Grace Bernard
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