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Vincent Elochukwu Obi is a Nigerian Composer.


He was born and raised in the Catholic faith. He has a diploma in Composition. He has many compositions that runs from religious to secular tunes in Igbo, English, French and Hebrew Languages. He plays the Keyboard, the Flute and the Acoustic guitar. He is a music instructor, a conductor and a baritone singer.


He lived for four years in South Africa and six years in Cameroon and this influenced his musical composition.

Some of his major works includes:

1. 5 Cantatas in 2005

* Laudate Dominum (SATB) 
* Great is the Lord (SATB) 
* O Clap your Hands O Yes Peoples (SATB) 
* The Lord is my Shepherd (SATB and Soprano solo) 
* Sing to the Lord Yes Voices (SATB and Soprano solo) 

2. Uche Chukwu (An Igbo operatta in 3 Scenes) 2006

3. Ihunanya (for solo and chorus) 2006

4. Lee ka Ulo obibi Gi si mma mma (2009)

5.  Uwa Goribe (Christmas Native Air for Soprano solo) 2014

6. 3 Contemporary Classic Solos and Duet for High Voices

* Pourquoi moi? 2014
* Tales of Love 2016
* The Wonders of Creation (Solo and a Version for High Voices Duet) 2018

7. 4 Complete Masses For SATB

* African Latin Mass 2007
* Missa Ngozi (Igbo) 2009
* Miss de Vincenzo Pallotti (Latin) 2010
* Messe Brève in French, English and in Latin 2016

8. Avinou Shēba Shāmayìm (Our Lord's Prayer in Hebrew for solo voice and Chorus) 2016

9. Magnabilité (Flute and Piano) 2016

among other works.

Nigerian Composer_Vincent Elochukwu Obi.
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