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Composer. Lyricist. Multi-Instrumentalist.

Abugu Paschal Chibuike is fast emerging as a neoclassical composer as well as folk and contemporary music composer. Born in late '90s in Enugu, eastern part of Nigeria, the young talented composer and pianist has established himself in music through tutorials, private lectures and personal efforts. He started learning music theory at the age of twelve, and started playing the piano and composing at the age of fourteen under the tutelage and guidance of Joseph Ezemba. 

He has composed various works and has performed in many concerts. Recently, he received 2nd prize for a solo performance organized by STAC chorale.


Among his famous compositions are St. Peter Claver's Parish Anthem, St. Jude's School Anthem, VINCEMUS, Lurtz I (string quartet), and Iwe (folk). His works have been performed by different Chorale communities and Church choirs. His latest commissioned works include a folk work for 2019 Forum for Inculturation of Liturgical Music (FILM ) competition. 

Paschal is currently a second year student of Polymer and Textile Engineering at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri.


He has formed and is managing Chestropera Musica Internationale, -an online music organization. His teachers and tutors have included Joseph Ezemba,  Joseph Okereke, Fr. Augustine Obiagbaosogu, Fr. Kenneth Ahanonu, Kingsley Ucha, Simon Ndife, Johnpaul Adimonyemma, Fr. Johnpaul Okonkwo, Valentine Onyejepu among others. He has identified with Arcady as an emerging composer with his new unpublished work titled "For God so Loved the World" a piece for solo voice and piano.



Completed and published works

1. Vincemus
2. Tempestas
3. Lurtz I
4. Lurtz II
5. Oh fervent love
6. God the Father
7. Eh Hosanna 
8. To Jesus' heart
9. Aja di nso
10. Ekele Ezenwanyi
11. Iwe
12. Ogochukwu
13. Bless the Lord, my soul
14. Behold the Redeemer 
15. Chisimdiri
16. Christ our Paschal Lamb
17. St. Peter Claver's Parish Anthem 
18. St. Jude's School Anthem
19. The Stone rejected by the builders
20. The Wise shall inherit glory
21. All glorious is the King's Daughter
22. Tam Te Amans 

Yet to be completed works

1. Rain in July
2. Carmen Animi
3. Sereny Beckhall
4. Rose in Sumner 
5. Mass in G major

Latest commissioned works

1. Jema (FILM) 
2. Ifunanya (Canzona) 
3. For God so Loved the World (Arcady)
4. Orpheus. Eurydice. Hermes. (Carl-off)

Nigerian Composer, Jude Nnam
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