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Ezomo John Osasere (also known as BoscoBaba) is a graduate of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria

He joined his Parish Youth choir, the then Catholic Youth Organisation of Nigeria (CYON) choir of St Theresa Parish in 2002 during his first year in his secondary school, Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School (MCSS), Maryland Lagos, where he also joined the school choir. He was a tenor singer during that period and started learning how to better his voice under the musical tutelage of great Music teachers and voice coaches such as Mr Michael Kpenuo and Mr Joseph Okparamanuike, while in the school choir in MCSS.

In 2006, he develpoed a special interest in music composition after a lecture on simple harmony. Throughout his stay in MCSS, he learnt alot about the rudiments of music and vocal techniques. He took lead roles in musical productions such as The Passion of The Christ Opera and Serenade Medley.

In 2009, he gained admission into the University of Benin and joined the Great St. Albert Choir (SAC), St. Albert Catholic Church UNIBEN / UBTH where he started out as a tenor singer but soon changed to the bass part because of voice range and timbre changes that had taken place over the years since he first started singing.

During his stay in the choir, he was mentored by the seasoned composer, Pharm. V. I. Ihaza, as well as choirmasters like Dr Ambrose Isah, Mr Jude Ipepe and several other great alumni members of the choir, too many to mention. He held the following posts in the choir:

Assistant Choirmaster II: 2010 – 2011
Choirmaster: 2011 – 2012
Choirmaster: 2012 – 2013
Choirmaster: 2013 – 2014


He still remains affiliated with the choir even though as currently resides in Benin.
He is also one of the Principal Members of the Benin City Chorale, Benin City.

His musical skills include: Music composition, Voice Training and Choir Directing.

John Ezomo’s Compositions
He started writing music in June 2006 after lectures on simple harmony and simple composition he had in Secondary School. He started out by providing harmonies to short melodies and then popular melodies. His first true attepmt at writing was in 2007 when he wrote a welcome song for his Parish which was later merged with another song for the as part of the editing process.

Upon joining his school Parish choir in the University (SAC), he wrote more pieces which were vetted and served as learning points under the mentorship of Pharm. V. I. Ihaza.

The Bi-ennual Forum for the Inculturation of Liturgical Music (FILM) served as a wonderful avenue for him to express his musical ingenuity and showcase his compositions.

Some of his works include:
A. Operas
1. Once Upon a Christmas Sung
i) The Creation
ii) The Fall of Man
iii) The Birth Foretold
iv) Lekh Maria
v) Nazareth to Bethlehem
vi) No Space in This Inn
vii) Into The Cold
viii) The Labour
ix) Glory To God

2. The Passion of The Christ
i) The Begining
ii) The Temptation
iii) The Baptism
iv) Fishers of Men
v) Lay Your Hands
vi) Praise God! 
vii) The Last Supper
viii) The Arrest
ix) Trial Before Pilate
x) Put Him to Death!
xi) The way of the Cross
xii) Father Forgive Them
xiii) Up From the Grave Alleluia


C. Nigerian Traditional Pieces: This is a compilation which contains hymns and motets in Nigerian languages.

- Benin

i) Choral Works
1. U Mu'Egbe Ne A?
2. O Rhiokpaegbe
3. Ed'oghogho
4. Noyeamwan Rre Do Mi Ma Fan
5. Larre Na Rh'Osa
6. Larre Na Do G'Osa
7. Osarugwe
8. O gbaro Gima Hia
9. Mwen Itohan
10. Do Rhi'evbare
11. Ijesu Vbuwe Eucharistia
12. Evbare Akugbe
13. Ran'bo Mi'ekponmwen
14. N'erhumwun Nima Hia
15. Osa Se N'aga
16. Omo N'Ogie
17. Emisa Fone
18. Egh'Osaere
19. Tohanmwen Osanobua
20. Maria N'uvbi


ii) Solo Works
1. Iwinosa

- Yoruba
i) Choral Works
1. Modupe
2. Oba Orun
3. O n Toju Mi
4. Gb'ope Wa Awimayehun

ii) Solo Works
1. Kaabo Olugbala

- Efik Choral Works
1. Itoro Abasi
2. Kpang Utong
3. Yak Abasi Adaha Keyon

- Ibo Choral Works
1. Dike Nagha
2. Chekwube

C. Parts of Mass
1. Kyrie I
2. Lord Have Mercy
3. Uy'ogh'Osa (Gloria in Benin)
4. Iyayi (Creed in Benin)
5. Holy Holy Holy
6. Lamb Of God
7. Ovbiohuan Osa I (Agnus Dei in Benin)
8.  Ovbiohuan Osa II (Agnus Dei in Benin)


D. Others
- Self Composed
1. All Aboard
2. Morning Song
3. Lend a Helping Hand

- Arrangements and Adaptations: 
1. Faith of Our Fathers
2. What a Blessed Hope is Mine
3. What Can We Bring to Offer?
4. Here We Are
5. Lay Your Hands
6. Look And Live
7. New Life
8. Classical Praise Medley
9 The First Noel
10. Ave Maria Medley
11. Like Olive Branches
12. Three in One
13. Whatsoever You Do
14. Christ Is My Rock
15. For We Are One
16. God Be With You
17. We Come To Your Feast
18. Like The Sunflower
19. Great Indeed Are Your Works
20. On This School


John can be reached via

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